Highly Secured POS

Our cloud based point of sale is highly Secured with 256-bit encryption. Our regular backups will make you not to loose any data accidentally. Learn more below about the flexibility permissions and roles of employees


Specific Permissions

Larapos allows you to create employees very easily and assign them specific permissions. Yes not just roles, you can configure and allow them for specific permission or multiple permissions. We made it more flexible for you to configure permissions like see cost price, cannot discount on sales, access entire customers module, Cannot modify item quantity and 50+ more.


Reboot your business with Larapos

With our secured and rich feature available pos will make your business grow. Spend on growing the business rather than managing the inventory. Larapos gives you lot of insights about the business and help you choose better decisions on best selling products or worst selling products, getting repeat customers using loyalty points... yeah I am sure you will surprise me on using Larapos in lot of ways :)

Setting up your Store, easy as pie.

Our smartest point of sale application will help you setup and use it no time.

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    Sign Up for free

    We are offering 15 day trail to try it. Signup using your email and then start using it instantly.

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    Choose your method

    With our multi platform support, choose one of the methods to install on windows or mac or mobile or just open a url in the browser which is 100% fine and start selling your items, I know lot of options...

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    Sell Items

    Add items to the inventory and start selling. You can import items using csv or excel, add employees and generate reports, piece of cake

“There's a feeling of structure that you can't find in other templates — Larapos has become my default template.”
Jason Briggs
Envato Customer

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