A Smart POS for

Larapos helps your sports store to mange your business with ease by providing lot of tools in this modern world competition.

Track Inventory

Managing complex inventory with Larapos is breeze. Track each item sales or in/out between locations. Counting inventory and compare digital stock and physical stock.

Grow Business

Track customers history and their loyalty points for repeat business. Send compaigns to customers. Add locations, grow customers list, gift cards, Item kits, Suppliers and lot more

Multiple Locations

You can add more locations and registers to the same instance and avail the capability to track inventory/sales for each location. Assign employees to the locations.

Friendly Support

We love helping our customers to set and running the pos for their dream business. Our dedicated knowledge base will let you learn everything about our pos and we are still happy to assist you more

All the tools you'll need

Larapos provides lot of tools for growing your business like customer Loyalty points, Gift cards, Store accounts for repeating customers.

Organize better

With Larapos tools, you can manage your business with ease. Promote seasoned items with promo prices that apply between choosen dates automatically. Attract new customers by providing loyalty points on the sales for repeat business. We all know loyalty point system is the most success step for businesses.


Suggest favourite items to the old customers by tracking their history, its just one click away to check customer history from sales register. No matter how many locations(branches) you have, data of the customers is available from anywhere.


Running your business with Larapos is breeze

Get rid of papers and long calculations of the profit and loss. With a single click get an overview of your business insights.

Setup Quickly

Setting up your store is piece of cake. It takes less than a minute to signup for Larapos. You can import items or create with our easy form and start selling.

Get hold of your business

is it hard to know profit of this year? or at least week? or a day? not any more, Larapos helps you by visualizing the sales in graphs.

Let's get you started

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