A Smart POS for

Larapos will allow you to take orders directly from table using iPad or Tablet for QSR Bill customers using your phone anywhere when selling on food truck.

Take Orders directly from table

Server can take orders directly from table using his smart phone or tablet or ipad and that will send the order directly kitchen by Kitchen Display System(KDS) or print directly to Kitchen printer. This makes the ordering process much faster and accurate.


Simple yet feature rich

Larapos is designed to be easy and yet carved with all the required features, Simple checkout experience will allow you to checkout faster. Quick suggestions for payment amounts, denomination method to add payment, credit card processing, send email/sms receipts to the customer. Track cash registers

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Did you know that you can checkout with single short cut after adding an item? I mean when hit short cut, it automatically adds the payment to the cart with default payment method and then checks out, yes with single short cut. Well you can configure that too :)


Running your business with Larapos is breeze

Get rid of papers and long calculations of the profit and loss. With a single click get an overview of your business insights.

Setup Quickly

Setting up your store is piece of cake. It takes less than a minute to signup for Larapos. You can import items or create with our easy form and start selling.

Get hold of your business

is it hard to know profit of this year? or at least week? or a day? not any more, Larapos helps you by visualizing the sales in graphs.

Let's get you started

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