grocery shop point of sale
A Smart POS for

Manage huge inventory at your supermarket easily with Larapos. No long queues at a cash register, with simple to use and faster checkout.


Amazingly faster checkout

You can complete a transaction in less than 10 seconds. With the help of short cuts provided in Larapos, you don't need to leave the keyboard for mouse, its all blazing speed. Did you know that you can just hit a single key to add default payment and then checkout and then print the receipt? Well, yes, you could do that.

  • Touch POS

    Sell faster with our touch support for Larapos, and it allows you to quickly tap on items to add to cart or tap on the cart to add quickly discount/qty for items.

  • Loyalty Points for Customers

    Easily create customers add phone number or add complete details and then enable loyalty points for repeat business.

  • Products and Kits

    Create items or group them to create a kit and sell them with different variants and promo prices. Manage inventory from a single instance for multi locations.

  • Loyalty Points, Gift Cards

    With the help of Customer Loyalty points, Gift Cards, Customer store accounts, scheduled promo prices for items, you can attract more customers.

  • Multi Platform

    Larapos works on any machine that has browser also we provide apps for desktop(mac or windows) and mobile phones(ios and android)

  • Hardware Support

    You can set up your existing hardware. Also, you can check our hardware page for more info on the equipment that is fully supported.

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Running your retail business with Larapos is breeze

Get rid of papers and long calculations of the profit and loss. With a single click, get an overview of your business insights.

Setup Quickly

Setting up your store is a piece of cake. It takes less than a minute to signup for Larapos. You can import items or create with our simple form and start selling.

Get hold of your business

Is it hard to know the profit for this year? At least a week? A day? Not anymore, Larapos helps you by visualizing the sales in graphs.