Supports every platform.

We are not just shipping browser based point of sale but providing you the apps for desktop and mobiles. Works on Mac OS and Windows desktops, IOS and Android phones, any device that has browser too.


No restrictions on usage of device

We don't force you to use a particular device/desktop, we support all major operating systems.


Desktop Applications

When we said we provide desktop apps and they will work on both Mac and Windows platforms, it's true. Larapos was developed on top of the electron that uses chromium and Nodejs technology. Well, one example that uses this is SLACK or Atom Editor, This helps us in accessing native features like notifications or printer ports for background printing.


Android and IOS apps

Android or IOS apps are shipped on top of the ionic framework that uses hybrid HTML5 and Javascript technology. So you can use every feature on mobile that you see on the desktop. Both desktop and mobile apps use the same Single Page application source code.

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